Aqua Soft :


Stage 1 : Polyester Pleated filter constructed of polyester fiber media, with the pleated structure , which offers more filtration surface for greater sediment and dirt holding capacity and lower intial pressure drop. The polyester fiber media is pleated around polypropylene core for added strength, which also provides stability to the flow rate and longer service life. Polyester media has excellent chemical resistance, and can be used in residential, commercial, & industrial applications.

Stage 2 : (Granular cocount activated carbon filter) It Takes out 99 % of the chlorine and organic chemicals, it provides enhanced reduction of taste, odor & color.

Stage 3 : (Cation Resin Filter Cartridge) It has a convenient and space-saving cartridge style design, Because of the design of the water softener cartridge, softened water can be provided easily and cost effectively, These cation exchange softening cartridges

Stage 4 : ( Ultrafiltration membrane ) Water Ultrafiltration is a membrane filtration process which uses standard home water pressure to push water through its semi-permeable membrane. Suspended particles and materials of high molecular weight are unable to pass through the 0.02 micron UF ultrafiltration membrane, allowing only fresh clean water and dissolved minerals to pass through.

Stage 5 : (Anti-scale cartridge) This cartridge is designed for long life in a variety of applications - perfect for coffee, expresso, and ice applications. It reduces chlorine, bad taste and odor in the water, and also inhibits the formation of lime scale, which can shorten the life time of equipment.