Chemical dosing systems

Water Egypt-Globe Well CO. dosing pumps may be used either for the injection of chemicals, as part of a water process, or as a water disinfection system.
A stable, well proven electronic control system is built into each pump with manual adjustment of both the delivery quantity per stroke and number of strokes per hour, thus providing a widely adjustable dosing rate. The frequency of the dosing strokes may be controlled externally by a contact type water meter to guarantee optimum mixing and precise dosing proportional to the flow rate.
A range of chemical pumping accessories are available including all the necessary control and regulating valves, manual and automatic flushing devices, hoses containers, stirrers, timers and controller for the operation of up to 15 dosing pumps in parallel.

The Water Egypt-Globe Well CO. Chemical Injection Systems and skid mounted packages dosing systems. These systems incorporate the latest technology in controlled volume metering pumps providing precision dosing at a variety of flows and pressures. Our supply including metering pumps, chemical dosing systems, sensors and controllers. These are used for a wide range of applications including water, wastewater, laboratory, production, food & beverage and swimming pool industries.

Water Egypt-Globe Well CO. is providing the highest standard equipment:

The technical expertise of staff in understanding customers' requirements Our dosing systems are used extensively for the treatment of potable water, waste water and effluent, for disinfection, pH control and other applications A very wide range of products are available.